Service Agreement

GrowthLever is a full-service outreach company. By initiating a client (you) and consultant (GrowthLever) relationship you acknowledge GrowthLever's Service Agreement.

GrowthLever maintains the right to change and edit the service agreement without prior notification to the client.

Understanding Our Terms of Service | Last Updated 7/16/2020

Sales representatives from GrowthLever are allowed to use the client's branding in their LinkedIn profiles to help them with prospect outreach.

GrowthLever is allowed to use its own email addresses to represent the client's brand with domain-masking techniques.

GrowthLever may represent the client's brand in different ways that it seems fit to increase the client's outreach performance.

GrowthLever will attempt to auto-bill you one time. If the card fails then the Stripe billing platform may retry up to 3 more times. You will receive a notification right away letting you know of the failed payment. If you receive this notification please email us.

Annual pricing plans cannot be refunded.

The client fully understands the billing structure and have agreed to GrowthLever's Billing Policy found here:

The client understands that GrowthLever will reach out to its pre-approved prospects with high-volume voicemail drops, LinkedIn messages, and emails.

The client agrees to be auto-billed on a recurring method every Friday at 4pm CST. More details in the billing service agreement.

Due to GrowthLever's business model with a cancel-anytime policy, the client understands that a refund will not be available at any given time.

On the day of service cancelation between the client and consultant, the client will be billed for any outstanding responses from its prospects.

Projections, expectations, or industry benchmarks is not a guarantee of how the campaign will actually perform.

The client fully understands GrowthLever's pricing model, partnership agreement, refund policy, and Terms of Service before initiating its first payment to GrowthLever.

I understand that GrowthLever is a service that provides sales representatives to reach out to pre-authorized prospects on behalf of my organization.

I understand each clause with no misunderstanding and accept it. I further understand this will serve as a guiding document that governs GrowthLever and your company's partnership.

The monthly base rate is auto-billed, with three days of advanced notice. | | Last Updated 7/16/2020