#1 Fully Managed Cold Outreach Team

We provide appt-setting and cold outreach teams that book more sales calls into your calendar.

$24mm in Revenue.
$102mm in Pipeline Value.
200 Sales Teams Deployed.
30:1 ROI in 3 months.

No logins necessary!

1,892 Sales Calls Booked in 2020.

Performance Model Pricing. Month to Month Commitments.

More Cold Outreach. More Closed Contracts.

The #1 market leader in b2b appointment-setting - hands down.




  • $5 per lead
  • 3 qualifying questions
  • All prospects validated
  • 3 days to launch!
  • 2,000 prospect research
  • Cold emails, VM drops
  • Content Sequences + Scripts
  • Leads projected ~30
  • Full managed
  • Cancel anytime

Appts + Leads

2+ Dedicated SDRs

  • $5 per positive reply
  • Unlimited Sales Reps
  • All prospects validated
  • 4 days to launch!
  • 4,000 prospect research
  • Real-time conversation monitoring
  • Cold emails, VM drops, Social Selling
  • Content Sequences + Scripts
  • ~50+ conversations/mo
  • Fully managed
  • Cancel anytime

Robust Features + Flexible Services

If you ask us, chances are we can get it done.

Real Time Reporting

We provide copies of our conversations in real-time, as they happen.

Live Notification System

Live notifications on leads and new appts are sent to your email.

Daily Reporting

Dedicated SDRs report how many actions and reply rates, daily.

Unlimited Data Revisions

Continuous refinement and optimization of prospect data and targeting.


All contacts provided to you for validation before beginning outreach.

Unlimited Content Revisions

Continuous refinement and optimization of content messages and outreach scripts.

Social Selling

We sell to prospects on professional social platforms like LinkedIn.

CSV/Excel Exports

We'll provide you with an Excel or CSV file of prospect data.

Quality Tollgates

We check in with you before launching a campaign to ensure everything is kept on point.

What our clients say.

Growthlever handles your cold outreach and delivers scheduled
sales calls directly to your calendar!

How does it work?

Growthlever handles your cold outreach and delivers warm conversations directly to your inbox!

We research a list of targeted prospects

We'll research and test your market by combining our
methods with streams of industry-leading contact data.

Our expert copywriter creates scripts and templates

Our direct-response copywriter tailors cold outreach messages to your target market and manage all the responses.

2x Dedicated SDRs send 200 cold messages/daily

We provide Sales Development Representatives that can be rapidly deployed within 3 days on your account, doing 200 cold messages daily.