Boost Your Business’ Prospecting Through Voicemail Drops

Boost Your Business’ Prospecting Through Voicemail Drops

If you're like most people, it would be hard for you to imagine life without the internet. You can't deny that a lot of aspects of our daily lives are progressively leaning towards digitalization. From the way we communicate to how we order our food, almost everything already has a digital solution.

This phenomenon also extends to the business world. In the last quarter of 2019, Facebook has reported that 6 million businesses use Facebook Ads to advertise their products and services. A significant number of businesses are also shifting to online targeting through different social media ads and digital marketing. After all, 59% of the world's population has access to the internet. It only makes sense to expand businesses' efforts in the digital world. Because of the continuously evolving landscape of the business world, business owners have always been looking for creative ways to expand their reach and increase sales.

However, despite the steady growth and need for online and digital marketing, we still can't leave one of the tried and tested methods of selling and prospecting. It employs the simplicity and personalization of a direct phone call without the intrusiveness of an actual cold call in the form of voicemail dropping.

What Is Voicemail Dropping?

Voicemail Dropping is simply the automated leaving of voicemail messages. It contains a pre-recorded message which will then be "dropped" onto someone's phone without making the phone ring.

Benefits of Voicemail Dropping to your Growing Business

  1. Time Saving Through Automation. Because you will no longer call each prospect client, wait for the answering machine to end, and the beep to leave a voicemail, it saves a lot of time. Especially in businesses where phone calls to prospects come in high volume, voicemail dropping is exceptionally beneficial. Imagine this: In your sales force, each sales representative leaves 100 voicemails every day. According to Ringlead, each voicemail takes 60 seconds to make, on average. That's around 33 hours every month. In a salesforce of 10, they'd have to spend 330 hours to make voicemails. With the automation of voicemail dropping, time allocated to cold calling will drop significantly.
  2. Consistent Quality of Voicemails. Since voicemail messages are pre-recorded, the voice quality, enthusiasm, and overall energy of the actual message will be better and consistent. Sales representatives, after a long day at work, may not be as active as a caller as they were at the start of the day.
  3. Analytics. With voicemail dropping, businesses may collect data and see which works best and which ones don't. You can measure the effectiveness of voicemail dropping through several KPIs you would like to set.

How To Get Started On Voicemail Dropping For Prospecting

In every business, customers will always be its lifeblood. Consistently having a pipeline of prospective clients is essential for any organization to survive.

I'm sure you currently have an effective prospect gathering technique. Although, it is never wrong to add another method of expanding your prospects list. Here's how to start using voicemail dropping as a means to grow your business' prospecting activities and increase sales:

Select Your Voicemail Dropping Service Provider

You can choose from several providers. But make sure that the provider you select can give you your voicemail messages' stats after running the campaign. Response rate and sales conversions are the numbers you should focus on, as these will determine the effectiveness of your voicemail dropping.

Define The Purpose

As with any marketing activity, you need to clearly define why you're sending voicemails to your prospective clients. Is it for promoting a specific product? Are you increasing repurchase among existing clients? Will you be asking for referrals? During this stage, you also need to identify the metrics to measure the success of your campaign.

The whole campaign will revolve on the purpose of why you're doing this.

Lead Generation and Client Segmentation

After setting-up your voicemail dropping system with your provider, you need to create a list of contacts that will receive your voicemails. One effective way of doing this is generating leads through your social media accounts, websites, and other landing pages of your business.

As part of your lead generation activities, you can create a simple sign-up form for your site visitors where they can receive discount coupons in exchange for giving you their contact details, specifically their phone numbers.

Once you have collected your existing clients' contact info and the ones from your leads generation activities, segment them based on the message you're sending out.

List down specific characteristics and demographics of the customers you'd like your voicemails to reach.

Create A Message

As in most sales pitches, you need to establish a structure for your message. In your voicemail, introduce yourself first. Then, provide context by clearly stating the reason why they received the message. State a benefit to replying to the call, then lastly, give out your contact information.

One important thing to remember in creating voicemails is to keep it short - under 30 seconds. Make sure you give a clear call to action and explicitly ask for what you want. If possible, mention important information twice, e.g., company name and contact number, so that interested clients will have a chance to write them down.

Since the delivery of the message is through voice, it is crucial to make it as catchy and enthusiastic as possible. The message should convey energy and excitement.

Monitor Performance And Adjust Accordingly

Once the campaign is live, religiously monitor the performance of the voicemail dropping based on the metrics you set. Find out which ones work for the specific target of your voicemails and which don't, but don't throw away ideas that did not work for a particular segment; it might be useful on a different set of prospects.

Final Thoughts

Prospecting will always be a repetitive part of your sales cycle. It's this reason why you should always look for creative and effective ways of keeping your pipeline full. Keep your business alive, and don't miss out on this fantastic prospecting tool that mixes old-school tactics with modern technology!