8 Cold Outreach Response Templates To Convert More Calls

8 Cold Outreach Response Templates To Convert More Calls

Its well-proven that great templates can increase the efficiency of cold outreach operations. We want to provide you with our most commonly used templates and tips for sending cold emails and LinkedIn messages.

Sending high volume, personalized messages will provide sales reps with a steady stream of prospects. This achieves better results in finding more leads and creating long-term relationships. However, finding the right balance between using templates and crafting personalized messages will determine the success of your campaigns. Whatever your cold outreach goals are, just remember that “saying less is more”.

Listed below are 8 scenario-specific templates that we encourage our partners to use when trying to meet that balance.

Two qualifying questions

Is your business currently doing any {advertising?} | Are you working on {pushing more sales through ads?}

The follow-up template

Ok I understand! Would it be okay if I follow up in {month}?

The quick-value pitch

At {co-name}, we help companies like {company-name} {1-sentence pitch}. Can I schedule a quick call on {day @ time CST}?

The referral template

Hi {name}, I spoke with {referral-name} and they mentioned you manage the {industry} decisions at {co-name}. Are you {qualifying-question}?

The confirmation template

Hi {name}, I just wanted to remind you about the call today with {AE-name} at {time-date}. Have a great day {name}. Email me with any questions!

Value-focused follow-up

Hi {name}, hope all is well, just doing a quick follow-up about {service} with {target-market} in {target-location}.

Would you be interested in having a call about {offer} that may arise in the future?

Objection templates

Objection Handling 1

Objection Handling 2